Scherer Gardening, Landscaping & Design

1535 Dalkeith Road
Dalkeith ON. K0B 1E0

Tel: 613.874.2049

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Santas Village Dalkeith

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Andy Scherer

Andy himself remains an active and hands on team member, stepping out from behind the desk and installing natural retaining walls, water fronts, stone fountain features, terraces, patios and pathways to name a few. Andy and his crew authentically love what they do and altogether follow through on the company motto ... "Let's Rock!"

When Ontario winter hits, Andy transforms his outdoor show garden into the magical playground of Santa's Village Dalkeith, where he assumes the position of head elf!

Alfons Bosch - aka 'Smooth Operator'

Ask Alfons why he looks so happy at work and he'll answer you that 'it's only work if you'd rather be doing something else!'

With lots of experience with hands on landscaping, design, architecture, stone construction, heavy machine operation under his thumbs, one might think that Alfons has seen it all and it's getting a little redundant. His response, said with a grin and a twinkle is "experience only means you have more ideas to try out and more solutions to work with and besides, only boring people get bored" Alfons competence and positivity are contagious, making him both a client favourite and a bedrock member of the Scherer Gardening Landscape and Design team.

Marco Faletti

Marco may walk like a stone laying, heavy machine operating landscaper and talk like a formally schooled gardener, but actually, he is a real live elf!

Hailing from the hills in Switzerland, Marco relocated to Canada in 2011 and has been working with Scherer Gardening Landscape and Design as a foreman ever since. While he predominantly manages paving and natural stone projects, as well as rock fountain design and installation, let it be known that he can still trim a mean hedge! He's not afraid to get his hands dirty (a plus for a landscaper) or put his back and his brains into a job. Marco's an asset to any project with his winning combination of skill and personality. We're proud to have him on our team!