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How did it start :

Born and raised in Switzerland Andy Scherer absolved a 3 year apprenticeship as a landscaper and additional schooling in architect /design.

Inspired and surrounded by hills and mountains, Andy’s love of rocks developed at an early stage of his career.

After owning a landscaping company for 8 years in the land of chocolate, he immigrated to Canada in 1993. Soon after he arrived in this beautiful country he continued and expanded his passion as a landscaper and therefore founded Scherer Gardening and Landscaping in Dalkeith.

His love of gardens and landscaping gets the best out of his creativity and the high level of attention to detail sets him apart.

Andy’s beautiful stone designs, especially for natural stone retaining walls, stairs, terraces and water fronts, selected flowers, shrubs and tree plantings leaves you breathless. He is well known for his unique, artistic and clean work.

His top team which is carefully selected consists of local students, trained local landscapers and professionals from Switzerland.

Give Andy a call, he would be happy to visit you and give you suggestions, ideas and a free estimate.

Andy Scherer, President/Owner

Andy Scherer, President/Owner

Andy's favorite quote: "LET'S ROCK"

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Our work is showcased in two separate categories: Residential & Commercial

Custom creations!

Every project is created to meet our client's needs. We garantee you a unique design that will bring your personality into your landscape!

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